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Building a Website that Converts with Peter Guirguis, Ep. 547

Peter Guirguis, a seasoned digital expert, is the dynamic force behind SwiftPress Support, a game-changing venture offering unparalleled technical support to WordPress website owners. With a rich history as the founder of Grace Digital Solutions, Peter has a proven track record in crafting exceptional websites for a diverse clientele, from businesses to personal brands. His commitment to excellence is evident in his ability to communicate intricate technical details to non-tech-savvy clients, ensuring they achieve their digital goals.

Now, with SwiftPress Support, he’s expanding his horizons to offer SEO, Google Ads, landing page design, and comprehensive care plans including web hosting. A recognized figure in the digital space, Peter has been honored multiple times by the Wells Fargo Leaders Club. When he’s not revolutionizing the digital landscape, he’s actively engaging with his community, sharing insights, and building connections.

In this episode we talked to Peter about WordPress’ advantages, effective SEO strategies, key elements of website design, Swift Press and its offerings, optimizing websites and enhancing online presence, and much more.

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Digital Discourse;

02:20 Peter’s background;

04:18 WordPress vs. other platforms;

06:04 An insight on SEO;

07:06 SEO on WordPress and building up your website;

12:12 Key pillars of website design;

14:47 Content and the context of information within a website;

16:50 Evolving technology and AI;

19:43 The challenges of AI in terms of privacy;

22:06 Offerings of Swift Press;

27:57 Ideal clients of Swift Press;

30:49 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Cleaning up the pool without professional help.

Digital Resource:

Most Recommended Book: Thinking, Fast and Slow

Daily Habit: Spiritual practices.

#1 Insight for Building an effective and powerful website: Seeking professional help, especially if it’s not your expertise.

Best Place to Grab a Bite: Green Olive

Contact Peter: 



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