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Avoid These Private Lending Mistakes with Ruben Izgelov, Ep. 523

With over a decade in the real estate industry – acquiring, flipping, developing and financing over $500 million worth in real estate – Ruben has quickly become a renowned real estate expert, speaker, and guide for many professionals in the industry. The most successful time in Ruben’s career was during the 2009 financial crisis; during this time, he bought, fixed, and sold distressed properties, which showed his determination in both bullish and bearish markets. After using private money financing himself, he quickly saw the innovation desperately needed in the private lending space and decided to spearhead it by co-founding We Lend, LLC (a private lending platform).

Ruben originally, however, started as a hard-working eight-year-old boy distributing flyers on the streets of New York, and to this day still takes that work ethic with him everywhere he goes. He is a graduate of St. John’s University and Touro School of Law, where he earned a BS in legal studies and his JD, finishing cum laude and magna cum laude

In this episode with Ruben Izgelov, we explore the world of lending and private lending. We delved into how to enter the lending side, handling good loans and borrowers, vetting borrowers, common mistakes made by borrowers, understanding debt funds and liquidity, and the crucial first step to private lending. Tune in for a comprehensive overview of the lending industry with Ruben Izgelov.


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Good Loans to Good Borrowers

00:00 Hustlin’ and Never looking back;

06:50 How to get into the lending side

08:53 Good loans to good borrowers;

12:37 Vetting borrowers;

15:28 Mistakes borrowers make; 

17:53 Dept funds;

22:45 Liquidity by nature;

24:21 First step to private lending;

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26:23 Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Dropping out of highschool

Digital Resource: LinkedIn

Most Recommended Book: How to Win Friends & Influence People

Daily Habit: Working

#1 Insight for Private Lending: Make sure you’re firstly positioned. You want to be the last one in but the first one out.

Best Place to Grab a Bite to Eat in Queens: Taste of Samarkand

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To learn more go to

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