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Achieving Growth through Leadership and Authenticity with Pete Vanderveen, Ep. 469

Pete is a strategic and passionate leader with a serving heart to bless those he serves.  Pete is an active father, husband and basketball coach with a hunger to empower people everywhere he goes.

Pete’s background includes launching 10+ companies spanning energy, fitness, franchising, youth athletics, real estate, and others.  He participated in multiple ventures including founding upstarts to leading $30 million in real estate development, and Native American companies and communities. Most recently Pete co-led the growth of a National Real Estate Mastermind and also managed the optimization of a fortune-5 energy company with $12+ billion in operations, leading teams in excess of 1000+ reports.

At the bottom of it all lies a hunger to drastically improve upon the status quo through the empowerment of human capital and transforming corporate success.

We talked to Pete about leadership, the importance of empowering human capital, what makes attitude more important than skills when hiring, why BTR is becoming more and more popular, and the importance of balance in your life.


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[00:01] Opening Segment 

  • Pete talks about his background;
  • How and why he helps companies;

[03:59] Leadership

  • The “Don’t half-ass it” approach;
  • Why leadership is the most common challenge across a variety of industries;
  • How Pete helps companies thrive;
  • How empowering the human capital can help your company;
  • Why attitude is more important than skills when hiring;

[13:10] The BTR Space

  • Pete talks about what he has been doing in the real estate space;
  • From multifamily to BTR;
  • Why BTR is becoming more and more popular;
  • How to select the markets for BTR properties;
  • One thing you should know before getting into the BTR space;
  • Coaching high-level executives;
  • Some tips to get your life in balance;

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[26:20] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: A land development project that failed

Digital Resource:

Most Recommended Book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Daily Habit: Daily Stoic time

#1 Insight for Finding Balance in Your Life: Focus on the quality over quantity.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Phoenix: Texas Roadhouse

Tweetable Quote: “One of the biggest issues that I see in Corporate America is that leadership is driving with ego rather than authenticity.” – Peter Vanderveen

Contact Peter:

Go to to learn more. To learn more about Pete’s coaching go to

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