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$80K Monthly on Just 6 Short-Term Rentals with Michael Elefante, Ep. 513

Michael Elefante is a real estate investor, content creator, and entrepreneur. He and his wife became financially free at the age of 27, just one year after investing in short-term rentals. Just 2.5 years later, they’ve scaled to six short-term rentals that generate over $80k per month and $40-50k cash flow per month. Michael is an avid online educator and offers resources to help others jumpstart their journey to financial freedom. He is the founder of Airbnb Investor Academy, which launched in April 2021, and has generated nearly $1M in course and coaching sales in the first 16 months. He has around 1M followers across Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube.

In our conversation, Michael talks about short-term rentals, including maximizing cash flow, dealing with seasonality, and market selection. He also shares the significance of differentiation, profitability strategies, managing rentals in different markets, the Bnb Investor Academy, and how to build a massive social media following.


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The Highest Possible Cash Flowing Asset

00:00 The highest possible cash-flowing asset;

05:01 Seasonality in short-term rentals;

06:33 What to look for in a market for short-term rentals;

10:15 The importance of differentiating yourself in short-term rentals;

17:41 How to make sure you are profitable in short-term rentals;

20:10 How to manage short term rentals in different markets;

23:00 The Bnb Investor Academy;

24:08 How to grow a massive following on social media;

31:00 Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Not being able to make it in professional baseball after collage.

Most Recommended Book: Cashflow Quadrant

Daily Habit: Exercising

#1 Insight for Short-term Rental Investing:  Leverage the data that is already out there.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Greenville: Hall’s Chophouse

Contact Michael:

You can find Michael on social media with the @melefante6 handle.

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