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Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate with Dorian L. Carter, Episode 136

Commercial real estate presents great opportunities, but many find the space too complex to learn. Dorian L. Carter has been in commercial real estate for 14 years, focusing on retail, industrial, land development and affordable housing. Dorian hosts the Real Estate Wealth Generator Podcast and wants to see more investors, especially minorities seek out commercial opportunities. Today, he talks about his vision and why he likes medical offices in rural areas and in-fill industrial opportunities in the current market.

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Key Insights

  • Located in Charlotte, NC and hosts Real Estate Wealth Generator

  • Started in residential and then took a class on commercial properties

  • Focused on retail starting out in underserved communities

  • Minorities make up less than 2% of commercial real estate industry

  • To reduce risk: partner and pool our money

  • Bullish on medical offices in rural areas and in-fill industrial

  • IRR is one of the key metrics used for evaluating opportunities – usually higher IRR projections imply higher risk

  • Wants to get more investors and minorities into the commercial sector

  • Easy ways to get into commercial real estate: tap old employer retirement accounts, look into your neighborhood, pool your money with others

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Failure to Success

Market crash in 2008

Most Recommended Book:

The People’s Path to Real Estate Wealth by R. Donahue Peebles

Most Recommended Digital/Mobile Resource:


Daily Habit


Wish I Knew Starting Out

A degree is not necessary for commercial real estate

Wish I Knew Last Year

How much he says and does impacts others

Real World Advice

Manage your money now and limit debt.

Advice to Ignore

Don’t listen to people who haven’t achieved success

Current Curiosity

How his efforts will impact future generations

Best Place to Grab a Bite


Connect with Dorian:


FB / IG: @realestatewealthgenerator


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