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Best Asset Protection Strategies with Scott Royal Smith, Episode 102

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As a real estate investor and asset protection attorney, Scott Royal Smith has seen how critical it is for investors to develop sound asset protection strategies. The best asset protection strategies provide a layer of anonymity and estate planning while deterring unsubstantiated litigation. And this wealth planning strategy isn’t reserved just for the rich as litigation attorneys will go after anyone with a net worth of $50,000 or more. On this episode, Scott shares his best asset protection strategies, including how to structure trusts and LLCs for optimal protection.

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Key Market Insights

  • Protects over $400 billion in assets

  • Insurance is the business of collecting premiums and denying coverage

  • First major client had 55 properties, gave Scott a check for $10k and asked him to figure it out

  • Who needs asset protection? Anyone with a net worth of $50k or more

  • Some people think you only need insurance, however if your net worth is more than $50k, that is not enough

  • Lawsuits don’t have anything to do with the truth – it’s a business to come after people they think have money

  • Protect assets by hiding them through trusts and LLCs

  • Want to look like you own no assets

  • Insurance companies deny claims all the time – they will cover accidents

  • Need to form a minimum of two companies – one holds assets, the other does business interactions

  • Important to move properties and get them protected

  • Transfer property from your name and into a land trust – this will not trigger the due on sale clause

  • Two types of trusts: revocable trust and irrevocable trust

  • The LLCs provide asset protection, the land trust provides anonymity

  • To create a proper LLC, you need an operating agreement, complete all yearly maintenance and compliance

  • At a minimum, create an LLC and hold the assets in the LLC

  • Performs twice annual estate planning reviews

  • Don’t own things, own the companies that own things

  • Living trust helps to avoid probate and keeps estate plan updated

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Do something, even if small

Tracking Market Changes: Strong network with knowledgeable people

Daily Habit: Sit down and identify 3 priorities


Best Business Books:

Wealth Can’t Wait by David Osborne

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“Lawsuits don’t have anything to do with the truth – it’s a business to come after people they think have money”

“The LLCs provide asset protection, the land trust provides anonymity”

“Don’t own things, own the companies that own things”

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