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Pros of Mobile Home Park and Self-Storage Investing with Hunter Thompson, Episode 68

Passive Multifamily Investing

Eager to make it as an investor, Hunter Thompson was up for any vehicle that has risk-adjusted returns with predictable income and results. After the European Debt Crisis, which caused great volatility in the US stock market, it became apparent to him that real estate is the key. Hence, he became a full-time real estate investor. Hunter started by pooling funds from family and friends and to date, he has raised $20 million in private capital. He is the host of the Cash Flow Connections Podcast, which helps investors with the intricacies of commercial real estate. Today, he shares how to grow an investor database, nurturing leads, choosing operators and the pros of mobile home parks and self-storage.

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Key Market Insights:

  • Originally from Memphis, Tennessee

  • Moved to California to become a professional poker player

  • Poker looks at things on a risk-adjusted basis, which is key to any business endeavor particularly real estate

  • Stock Market – no accurate prediction regardless of due diligence

  • Became a full-time real estate investor after the European Debt Crisis which greatly affected the US stock market

  • Real Estate has risk-adjusted returns that create predictable income and results

  • Why Real Estate? Simplicity of the investment and accurate due diligence even without a massive firm

  • Founder of Cash Flow Connections, and host of Cash Flow Connection Podcast

  • Challenge on First Deal – uncommon niche that requires a paradigm shift

  • Tips on Scaling: Build an infrastructure that nurtures leads through sophisticated and educational contents

  • Tips on Effective Content: 600-1000 word article, and automated emails

  • Effective emails are consistent and add significant value, not spammy

  • Growing an Investor Database: Network Events, Podcast, Email Marketing, and Blog Articles

  • Identifying a Key Market: Diverse employment, demographic shift, growing metropolitan, 30 minutes away from Charlotte and Atlanta

  • Tertiary Assets such as mobile home parks and self-storage are recession-resistant assets

  • The worst the economy is, the more demand is for affordable housing and storage

  • Mobile Home Parks – affordable resulting in more demands; however it has less competition

  • How to Choose An Operator: Verify ownership, check track record and due diligence

  • Passive investment vehicle gives you more diversification

  • Passive Investing – identify best sponsors, capitalize on their expertise, exclusion from further liabilities

  • Hosting the first Intelligent Investors Conference on Nov. 10 and 11

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Investors: Just go and focus.

Tracking Market Changes: Talk to smart people every day.

Daily Habit: Goal setting, and meditation.


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“There is no better investment than buying a thousand of branded thank you notes.”

“You can trust, but always verify.”

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