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Must-Ask Questions About 1031 Exchanges with Dave Foster, Ep. 610

Dave Foster, a Qualified Intermediary (QI) investment professional, understands that real estate is really an investment in your future. As a multi-industry visionary, he has over 20 years of experience working in all phases of real estate investing. From commercial to residential, he brings his clients a fresh perspective and clear vision for strategic development. As an investor himself, he views each investment as a unique opportunity to maximize returns. A degreed accountant with a Master’s in Management, Dave built his reputation on being a driven, results-oriented QI who works relentlessly to optimize value for the real estate investors with whom he works. He is inspired by a genuine desire to help investors excel, and he continuously strives to create win-win situations.

In this episode, we talked to Dave about 1031 exchanges and how they work, what is a qualified intermediary and why need one, the right question to ask while choosing the right person to work with, the investment amounts, and much more.

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1031 Exchange;

02:19 Dave’s background;

04:17 An insight on 1031 exchanges;

13:31 What is a qualified intermediary, and why do you need one;

15:39 The right question to ask and determine if you’re working with the right person;

22:18 The minimum amount for investment;

23:57 Round of Insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Selling his first property without a 1031 exchange.

Digital Resource: Solve 360 CRM.

Most Recommended Book: Lifetime Tax-Free Wealth.

Daily Habit: Spending a calm morning and night being with god, admiring beautiful things around him.

#1 Insight for managing your 1031 exchange: Giving more to your clients for their money’s worth, as opposed to businesses trying to provide the least, for the highest profit margin.

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