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Lessons from a Best in Class Apartment Operator with Jered Sturm, Ep. 582

Jered Sturm is a multifamily owner/operator and syndicator focused on the Cincinnati Ohio Market. With humble beginnings in the industry as an apartment maintenance technician, Jered has spent the last 15 years using his background in construction and property management to build his vertically integrated investment firm, SNS Capital Group. Known for their ability to add value and operate efficiently for long-term cash flow, Jered and his team have over $100M in assets under management.

He and his team pride themselves on being a more focused alternative for passive investors when compared to most syndicate sponsors in the multifamily space. Combining his focused approach with his expertise in adding value to properties through renovations and quality operations, Jered continues to be a sought-after expert in the popular multifamily sector.

Jered is often a top speaker at conferences, and other educational platforms, including being one of the few two-time guests on the world’s most popular real-estate podcast (Bigger Pockets). His humble beginnings and relatable grassroots growth connect to the average person and provide a relatable path to financial success.

In this episode, we talked to Jered about his long-term investing philosophy, asset management, core values, and common mistakes operators make.

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Real Estate Operations;

02:44 Jered’s background;

08:19 Jered’s long-term viewpoint;

15:04 Jered’s philosophy in terms of operations and asset management;

16:58 An insight on core values;

24:05 The buy box;

27:24 Common mistakes the operators make;

34:45 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Not being clear enough regarding expectations as a leader.

Digital Resource: AppFolio.

Most Recommended Book: Outlive

Daily Habit: Doing cold plunge every morning to start the day.

#1 Insight for being great at operations: Focusing on the values of the people who are running the operations is a key to success.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Cincinnati, OH: Green Farm Juicery.

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