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How to Properly Vet a Business Partner with Jason Baik, Ep. 588

Jason Baik, a distinguished professional in the realm of data science, boasts a stellar career marked by his tenure as the Former Director and Vice President of Data Science. Armed with a B.A. in Economics from Northwestern, he possesses a solid academic foundation that laid the groundwork for his decade-long journey in leveraging data to optimize advertising expenditure for Fortune 500 clients. His expertise extends beyond mere analytics; Jason is a visionary who transforms raw numbers into actionable insights, steering advertising strategies towards unprecedented success.

In 2021, Jason Baik made a strategic move to join CCG, where he continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry. Recognized as a true lover of numbers, he thrives on the intricacies of data, channeling this passion into installing robust processes and elevating operational efficiency. With a unique blend of analytical acumen and a penchant for process optimization, Jason stands as a driving force in the dynamic landscape of data science.

In this episode, we talked to Jason about his current endeavors, CCG and his partnership there, common challenges people face with underwriting, and much more.

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Multifamily deals;

02:35 Jason’s background;

05:18 What’s Jason up to today;

08:50 Jason’s current partnership;

15:48 Common challenges with underwriting;

21:01 An insight on the data;

27:38 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Over-renovating during his management of single-family homes

Digital Resource: Google Workspace.

Most Recommended Book: Who Not How.

Daily Habit: Journaling daily.

#1 Insight for underwriting multifamily deals: Always starting with the big picture, and then gradually scale to detail work.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in New Jersey: Sushi Palace.

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