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How to Land Big Investors with Frank Hanna, Ep. 621

Frank B. Hanna, Jr., ChFC®, Private Wealth Advisor has a passion for helping individuals build wealth. After running successful family establishments in the restaurant / hospitality industry, he made a bold transition into finance, driven by a desire for fulfillment and a recognized gap in the industry.

With his unique perspective as an entrepreneur, Frank brings captivating storytelling and expertise in real estate development, tax management, and private investment. His insights on 1031 exchanges and Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) offer a fresh perspective for sophisticated real estate investors seeking to navigate these lesser-known concepts. As the founder of Revolution Xchange, Frank leads a team that provides comprehensive analysis, tailored programs, and turnkey solutions for tax-free exchanges. Their vast inventory of preferred listings, corporate partnerships, and experienced financial management team offer real estate investors unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

From estate planning to business succession and wealth management, Frank’s captivating presence, deep industry knowledge, and commitment to improving clients’ financial well-being make him an engaging podcast guest who leaves a lasting impact.

In this episode, we talked to Frank about his business, strategies to maximize wealth, his profound advice on minimizing tax liability, especially for entrepreneurs, investing in real estate in general, “whale hunting” as a marketing method and how to apply it, and much more.

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Wealth Planning;

02:22 Frank’s background;

10:41 Strategies to maximize wealth;

12:32 Advice on minimizing tax liability;

17:22 An insight into investing in real estate;

22:09 “Whale hunting” and how to do it;

25:48 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Not acting on an opportunity at the right time.

Digital Resource: Any kind of reverse white pages database that one can find.

Most Recommended Book: Any book from Grant Cardone.

Daily Habit: Taking notes of the daily goals, and what you’re grateful for to keep the energy up.

#1 Insight for wealth planning: Without thinking of the size, start investing today if you haven’t done so.

Best place to grab a bite in Philadelphia, PA: Jim’s South St. & Angelo’s Pizzeria

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