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How He Helps People Invest in Circuit City (Yes, THAT Circuit City) with Josh Ziegelbaum, Ep. 605

Josh Ziegelbaum is responsible for managing investor communications, capital commitments, individual and commercial relationships, as well as overall support of the company’s growth initiatives. The dynamic work experience Josh has gained throughout his career gives him a unique perspective on both capital raising and operations. Prior to joining Circuit City, Josh worked as Director of Investor Relations at Legacy Group, an alternative asset manager, where he raised more than $50 million of capital for the Green Coffee Company which allowed it to become Colombia’s #1 largest coffee producer. His previous role was as Vice President of Business Development for Lifeafar Capital, a boutique private equity and asset management firm where he led his team’s capital raising efforts. Before that, he was a Private Banker for Wells Fargo with a focus on complex credit needs and investments in public securities. He ultimately managed a book of business for high-net worth individuals and business owners in Miami Beach. Josh previously held a Series 7 license and is originally from New Jersey, where he studied economics at Rutgers University. He is known for his passion around building deep relationships with his clients and for consistently acting in their best interests.

In this episode, we talked to Josh about Circuit City and what it is today, his business model, properly evaluating opportunities and what are the key questions to ask, tips and useful insights for new investors, and much more.

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Private Equity;

02:29 Josh’s background;

06:19 What Circuit City actually is today;

10:13 An insight on the business model;

16:30 Key questions to ask to evaluate an opportunity;

24:23 Tips for new investors;

26:07 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Not being able to enroll in the business school during college years.

Digital Resource: InvestNext.

Most Recommended Book: Sell It Like Serhant.

Daily Habit: Tending to his family first thing in the morning, nice sunny Florida walks.

#1 Insight for succeeding in private equity: Persistence, detailed work on goals, patience, and due diligence.

Best place to grab a bite in Fort Lauderdale, FL: Any location within the RiverWalk.

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