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Here’s How You Should Be Investing Now with Brian Burke, Ep. 600

Brian Burke has acquired, renovated, and disposed of over 750 residential assets and 3,000 multifamily units. This includes over $500 million of real estate in several sectors: multifamily, single family, hospitality, self-storage, mixed use, and vacant land.

Burke has 31 years of investing experience with 20 years in multifamily. He’s performed underwriting, valuation, and title examination of thousands of properties for acquisition at trustees’ sales.

Throughout his investing career, he’s built homes, built self-storage, renovated a lakefront resort, and bought/renovated hundreds of homes and thousands of apartments. His largest acquisition to date was close to $50 million.

Burke has been a speaker at real estate conferences nationwide, plus various local/regional meetup/REIA groups in California and Washington. In addition, he’s been invited to speak at Google, Facebook, and Apple.

In this episode we cover Brian’s extensive 35-year background in real estate, emphasizing a value-add approach for investors. He talks about why you should be looking for opportunities when others are cautious and gives insights on navigating the current market. Topics include at-risk loans, diverse real estate opportunities, advice for new investors, and his book “The Hands-Off Investor.”

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Why We Should Take Experience into Account as Investors;

01:56 Brian’s background with 35 years of experience in real estate;

04:04 The true value add approach;

06:30 What should investors look for to get back in the market?;

11:16 To be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful;;

13:09 The loans that are at risk;

20:18 Different opportunities in the real estate market;

22:32 Advice to new investors trying to make it happen in today’s environment;

26:19 Brian’s book “The Hands-Off Investor”

21:00 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: A failed deal in the last market downturn.

Digital Resource: CoStar

Most Recommended Book: TedTalks

Daily Habit: Getting up and going after it.

#1 Insight for Understanding Market Cycles: Understanding human psychology and how people are approaching the market..

Best place to grab a bite in San Fransico: Osteria La Buca.

Contact Brian:

You can find Brian’s book “The Hands-Off Investor” here.

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