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He Barely Works, Still Scaling a Massive Real Estate Business with Sharad Mehta, Ep. 581

Sharad Mehta, founder and CEO of REsimpli, is an active real estate investor. Sharad has done over 400 deals in last 6 years since he became a full-time real estate investor and over the years he has developed systems to automate many parts of his real estate investing. Sharad is active in Lake County, Indiana and manages his entire business from Carlsbad, California, where he lives. Using the systems that Sharad has developed, he is able to manage 3-4 rehabs a month from a distance.

In this episode, we talked to Sharad talks about managing rehabs from across the country, while spending just a few hours per week in his business. He also talks about his platform REsimpli and how it improves efficiency for investors.

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Building Effective Systems;

02:40 Sharad’s background and vision;

05:51 Sharad’s journey;

10:23 How he manages his portfolio remotely;

13:45 Advice on scaling;

17:04 About REsimpli;

21:52 An insight on schedule management and efficiency;

28:17 His vetting process for finding the right person to work with;

32:13 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Being overconfident in some earlier experiences.

Digital Resource: Habit.

Most Recommended Book: Meditations.

Daily Habit: Journaling and meditating.

#1 Insight for building effective systems: Duplicating other successful systems and customizing them to fit yours is key, therefore no time will be wasted due to re-inventing the wheel.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Carlsbad, CA: Veggie Grill

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