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From Evicted Tenant to Lifestyle Freedom with Adrian Smude, Ep. 583

Adrian Smude entered the realm of real estate in 2002 when, unexpectedly turned landlord after eviction, he swiftly pivoted by purchasing his first house. Recognizing an opportunity, he devised a method to live rent-free by dividing the mortgage among friends. Despite encountering challenges with his second property, Adrian persisted in his real estate pursuits. After 11 years as a hobby landlord, his true passion for real estate investing blossomed during a pivotal real estate investor meeting, leading him to the untapped potential of mobile homes.

Today, Adrian Smude is an advocate of Lifestyle Freedom, actively engaged in three mastermind groups, including one he hosts at a high level. His bestselling book, HOW TO BUY MOBILE HOMES, encapsulates his experiences and provides tools and strategies for mobile home investments. When not immersed in real estate deals, Adrian fulfills his life’s vision by crisscrossing the country, sharing his triumphs, tribulations, and valuable insights.

In this episode we talked to Adrian about being a hobby landlord, his approach on finding assets, his marketing strategy and investing philosophy, what’s on the horizon for him, his book, and much more.

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Mobile Home Investing;

02:26 Adrian’s background;

04:15 Being a hobby landlord;

12:46 Adrian’s approach on finding assets;

14:33 The marketing strategy behind it;

18:02 Adrian’s investing philosophy;

24:44 What’s on the horizon;

28:09 About Adrian’s book: “How to Buy Mobile Homes”;

30:48 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: The method employed before Adrian adopted a more humble demeanor, self-assessment of his ego, and a comprehensive revision of his entire approach.

Digital Resource: Trello.

Most Recommended Book: Miracle Morning.

Daily Habit: Exercising, meditating, visualizing, and reading.

#1 Insight for mobile home investing: Learning the specific market fluently, and taking action.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Denver, CO: Little Man Ice Cream

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