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Finding the Hidden Risks in Real Estate Investments with Zach Winner, Ep. 599

Zach is a founding partner and the CEO of Prosperity CRE, a private equity firm specializing in providing passive investment opportunities in multifamily apartment complexes. He focuses on overseeing the real estate investment portfolios and advising clients who choose to invest with Prosperity CRE.

Zach has successfully owned and operated a residential real estate company, mortgage brokerage company, and escrow company, with offices in Northern and Southern California, assisting clients in the purchase, finance and sale of properties throughout the United States.

He also has extensive legal, public affairs and ballot measure campaign management experience, including representing clients in a wide variety of commercial real estate and land use transactions. 

In this episode, we talked to Zach about his first and current real estate investment strategies, he’s recent focus and deals, utilizing accumulated data for investment, the investment opportunities to look out for, and much more.

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Real Estate Investment;

02:16 Zach’s background;

05:03 His first real estate strategy;

10:03 What Zach’s focused on today;

13:34 Zach’s recent deals;

17:39 How to utilize the data;

19:02 An insight into the opportunities to look for;

21:00 Round of Insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Not having enough due diligence on a deal in Arizona.

Digital Resource: NeighborhoodScout.

Most Recommended Book: Benjamin Franklin: An American Life.

Daily Habit: Exercising daily.

#1 Insight for selecting the right market to invest in: Setting up your criteria for the deals is the key to success.

Best place to grab a bite in California: Osteria La Buca.

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