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Don’t Buy Multifamily, Build It with Roger Luri Ep. 578

Roger Luri, a Chicago native and real estate luminary with over 30 years of experience. Having personally developed $30M+ in new construction, he authored “Don’t Buy Multifamily! BUILD IT,” a guide unveiling the rewards of investing in residential and mixed-use development.

Roger’s expertise stems from leading architectural design, development, and construction ventures, crafting condo projects, townhomes, and luxury homes across Chicago’s vibrant neighborhoods. Serving as a Director on the board of Ravenswood Bank, he gained unique insights during the 2008-2010 credit crunch, refining his risk assessment skills.

Roger advocates for savvy investing, emphasizing joint ventures and passive investments for busy professionals navigating the complexities of property ownership.

In this episode, we talked to Roger about processes for ground-up development, value evaluation, the acquisition process, navigating through bureaucracy, government aid and financial assistance for new developers, and much more.

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Multifamily development;

02:17 Roger’s background;

06:38 Processes for ground-up development;

09:26 An insight on evaluating the value;

11:29 The acquisition process;

16:07 Navigating through the bureaucracy;

19:40 An insight on the government aid for new developers;

23:05 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: His development project during 2008.

Digital Resource: Any useful MLS tool.

Most Recommended Book: Who Not How

Daily Habit: Having a recap of the day, and then planning the following day accordingly.

#1 Insight for building multifamily properties: Prioritizing risk mitigation is paramount, even in instances where the potential return on investment may be reduced.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Chicago, IL: Pizzeria Uno & Due.

Roger’s book: Don’t Buy Multi-Family! BUILD IT

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