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Developing Workforce Housing without Public Funding with Scott Choppin, Ep. 596

He is a third-generation Southern Californian who is making it big in a state where many real estate developers are fleeing.  The wisdom he brings from success in a market where many others fail is invaluable.  Whether you are new or tuning into the show for the first time, I know you’ll find great value in today’s program.

Scott founded the Urban Pacific Group of Companies in 2000.  Since then his company has brought over 1700 units of affordable housing to communities throughout the western USA.

The Choppin family has been in real estate development in Long Beach since 1960, which includes highlights such as the development of the Long Beach World Trade Center and the 293-unit CityPlace residential development in downtown Long Beach. Scott is an innovator in the fields of urban housing, mixed-use projects, and affordable/middle income housing communities throughout the Western United States.

In this episode, we talked to Scott about workforce housing, proper deal financing and structuring, co-living, and the market, and much more.

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Workforce Housing without Government Aid;

02:21 Scott’s background;

05:13 What is workforce housing;

12:45 Structuring deals accordingly, in regards to financing;

24:19 An insight into co-living;

36:48 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Being bold during the recession and underestimating the market signals.

Digital Resource: Calculated Risk Blog.

Most Recommended Book: The One Thing.

Daily Habit: Walking 10,000 steps every morning.

#1 Insight for urban townhome development: There’s a great demand for homes for the working class, even though it seems like a forgotten market, and it’s highly profitable.

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Ep.192 with Scott Choppin

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