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CRE Secrets from Selling Over 2,000 Buildings with Bob Knakal, Ep. 576

Bob Knakal has sold 2,276 buildings, totaling $21B+ — the most ever for an individual broker in the history of NYC real estate. Bob previously cofounded Massey Knakal Realty Services, which grew from 2 to 250+ employees and was sold for $100M.

At Massey Knakal, he implemented a management system that produced some of the most accomplished investment sales brokers in NYC, who have independently gone on to create 21 companies or divisions of companies.

Bob has a large social media following on Twitter and Instagram, where he shares “Knakal Knuggets” on real estate, financial planning, and work efficiency.

He currently serves as the Head of the NY Private Capital Group at JLL, a real estate investment firm.

In this episode, we talked to Bob about communication with sellers, the longevity and relationship aspect of this industry, challenges that small businesses and entrepreneurs face today, business coaches and their importance, high-transition deals, and much more.

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Succeeding in Commercial Real-Estate;

02:35 Bob’s background;

07:52 Conversing with sellers;

10:22 The longevity and relationship aspect of this industry;

13:16 Challenges that small businesses and entrepreneurs face today;

19:33 Why having a business coach is important;

24:31 An insight on high-transaction deals;

29:20 Round of Insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Not being well prepared financially.

Digital Resource: RealNex.

Most Recommended Book: 

Daily Habit: Going to sleep early.

#1 Insight for succeeding in commercial real estate: Believe in yourself, specialize, improve your expertise, and have a strong discipline and passion.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in New York City, NY: Come Prima.

The episode with Rod Santomassimo: listen here!

Contact Bob:

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