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Buy Discounted Bank-Owned Properties with Paul Lizell, Ep. 585

Paul is the founder of The Virtual Investor, The Flipping Out Podcast, The Crypto Degen, TCKS Holdings, LLC &  He has been flipping properties since 2001 and is the original virtual wholesaler having purchased all over the US since 2009. He has bought and sold properties in 44 of 50 states and has simplified the process of moving into new markets.

He contributes his success to utilizing systems and processes that simplify the online buying process which he teaches at He has focused exclusively on online auctions, bank REO’s, buying off the MLS, and wholesalers across the country since 2013. A graduate of Drexel University in 1998 holds a degree in Finance & Economics. Avid Crypto investor since early 2017 and creator of The Crypto Degen educational program.

In this episode we talked to Paul about pivoting within your business, his story on deals, tips on managing properties, REO auctions, the pad splitting strategy, and much more.

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REO Auctions;

02:27 Paul’s background;

08:15 An insight on pivoting within your business;

10:45 How Paul came across his deals;

15:57 Tips on managing properties in multiple states;

24:05 An insight on REO auctions;

28:07 The pad splitting strategy;

34:14 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: The 2008 crisis as a whole, where Paul learned better approaches in terms of asset management strategies.

Digital Resource:

Most Recommended Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Daily Habit: Enjoying the morning coffee.

#1 Insight for getting REO auction properties: Ensuring you have proper support in terms of capital.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Naples, FL: Whiskey Park

Contact Paul: 

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