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Adding Value to Mobile Home Communities with Jill Jensen, Ep. 613

Jill Jensen is a real estate investor who in 2022 skipped single-family homes and jumped into commercial properties, focusing on mobile home parks. Her entrepreneurial journey began with impressive door-to-door sales earning six figures in one summer, leading her to start a nationwide pest control company. Now, Jill is the Chief Investment Officer at Sonos Capital, raising capital to invest in large mobile home parks, providing passive income opportunities for investors seeking to capitalize on their money or leveraging their retirement accounts.

In this episode, we talked to Jill about mobile home parks and all the need to know before investing, the timeframe on these deals, questions every passive investor should ask, the government’s stance towards mobile home parks, and much more.

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Mobile Home Parks;

02:31 Jill’s background;

07:03 The value one can bring;

11:10 An insight on mobile home parks;

15:24 All you need to know before the initial investment;

19:58 The timeframe on a deal;

22:09 The questions that passive investors should ask;

25:14 Jill’s experiences on the government’s stance towards mobile home parks;

27:20 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Not asking the best questions up front.

Digital Resource: LinkedIn.

Most Recommended Book: Who Not How10x Is Easier Than 2xPitch Anything

Daily Habit: Scheduling far in advance.

#1 Insight for investing in mobile home parks: Finding the right partners.

Best place to grab a bite in Utah: The Cheesecake Factory.

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