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Achieve Explosive Growth through Complimentary Services with Gary Wilson, Ep. 577

Gary Wilson, a retired Corporate Vice-President of Mergers & Acquisitions in National Banking at age 40, is a self-made multi-millionaire in real estate. Within the first 6 months of earning his real estate license, he created a six-figure income working with investors and consistently completed over 100 transactions annually without a sales team or marketing costs.

As the author of eight real estate investment books, including “The GIA Book,” Gary shares insights on thriving in ever-changing markets. A recognized award winner, he’s accepted into the Andron Apiphenon Order of Excellence for Real Estate. Gary, the founder of the Path to Profit System, has coached over 8,000 agents and investors, guiding them to create fortunes in various real estate endeavors

In this episode, we talked to Gary about how real estate can be a gateway to acquire businesses, his insight on setting the deal criteria for investors, what lies ahead in 2024, and much more.

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Scaling Businesses;

02:53 Gary’s background;

08:07 Real estate as a gateway to acquire businesses;

16:49 An insight on setting the deal criteria;

25:42 What lies ahead in 2024 for investors;

33:36 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Giving up control of his property management business.

Digital Resource: How Money Walks.

Most Recommended Book: Global Investor Agent.

Daily Habit: Waking up early and exercising, focusing on the vision for the day.

#1 Insight for scaling a business: Clearly defining goals with the right words to encourage a fresh mindset, beyond simply working harder to achieve them.

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