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$60,000 in Monthly Cashflow from Just 26 Units with Barbara Isabel, Ep. 622

Barbara Isabel, raised in Spain by a family of developers, was destined for a career in real estate. Growing up, she shadowed her father as he built luxurious condominiums and single-family homes worldwide. Barbara graduated from ICADE’s prestigious School of Law, passed the bar, and later earned a Master’s in Dispute Resolution and Advanced Negotiation from Pepperdine. Now with The Agency Beverly Hills, she focuses on residential properties, known for her personable, honest, and confident demeanor. Highly skilled in negotiating, Barbara always prioritizes her clients’ interests, embodying her belief: “Let me help you.”

In this episode, we talked to Isabel about the Los Angeles real estate market, her audience, common mistakes, networking, tips for new investors in the LA market, finding the right management for assets, and much more.

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Investment in LA;

01:53 Barbara’s background;

03:24 An insight into the Los Angeles real estate market;

08:50 Barbara’s investment audience;

10:46 Common mistakes made regarding development in Los Angeles;

13:18 The importance of networking;

15:06 Real estate development meeting multifamily investment;

17:26 Tips on the Los Angeles market for new investors;

27:32 Her approach on finding the right management;

29:29 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Learning to work hard with the way she’s raised.

Digital Resource: Redfin.

Daily Habit: Working out.

#1 Insight for investing in Los Angeles: Surrounding yourself with the right people.

Best place to grab a bite in Los Angeles, CA: Steak 48.

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