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Learn to raise capital to scale your portfolio, help like-minded investors & make a lasting impact!



It comes from knowledge, education, and experience. This program will build your confidence.


It represents your experience, and we’ll show you how to be credible, even if you haven’t done a deal yet


The people you know who help you succeed. We’ll show you how to mine your network without getting friends and family to invest.


The vehicles to connect with current prospects and reach new ones. Finding the right channel and optimizing for the platform is key to success.


The messages you want to deliver to the audience. It’s one thing to attract prospects, but knowing how to convert them is critical. We will share best practices to ensure you say the right thing at the right time.


It demonstrates reliability and trust. The more you do something, the more you will be acknowledged and viewed as a trusted resource.


When you join the course, you will receive the tools and resources to be a successful multifamily investor and attract capital for deals.

I will walk you through the process step by step to build your confidence, establish credibility, and position you to acquire multifamily property.

After you complete each module, you will schedule a time for us to talk and review questions and information.


Once your application is approved for the Capital Impact Club, you will start with a goals assessment and begin the online modules. After you complete each module, we will have a one on one session to review. You will get templates, guides and documents to assist you and unlimited one on one consulting sessions.

In addition, you will be invited to participate in our once a month mastermind with other club members.

Many other programs with similar education cost between $15,000 - $50,000. We look at this as an investment, not just a price. And with an investment, you expect to see a solid return. The investment to join the Capital Impact Club is $8,000+ with an ongoing $200 monthly membership fee. The return comes from advanced education, superior marketing solutions, opportunities to partner alongside us and the ability to tap into our extensive network. Cost is what we pay. Value is what we get.

If you have questions, schedule a free consultation call with John today to learn more. If you have decided to use multifamily and marketing to reach your goals, congratulations on the first step in creating your impact and legacy! Now all you have to do is fill out the application to get started.

Please note that we are only accepting a small number of motivated applicants at this time.


"My growth in multifamily investing and networking is greatly credited to John, my mentor. One year after meeting John from the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit, he provided the guidance and sincere willingness to see me become successful. John helped me acquire our first apartment building, invest passively in more than 1,000 units, and became the syndicator of an 80-unit apartment building. John is personable and it’s very easy to work with him. John consistently delivers what he said he would. He cares for his mentees and always responsive when I have questions about real estate syndication. "

Delphine N.

"John was outstanding to work with! From our first meeting with him, we knew we needed to partner together. He's very knowledgeable on multifamily real estate, raising capital, economics, and marketing. He was a huge help to us, allowing us to get into our FIRST real estate deal, which was an apartment syndication we partnered on in Jacksonville, FL. He welcomed and answered all of the questions we had. He even made himself available for a conference call with an investor at 8 pm at night. He is a great support to have in business."

Jas and Jo

"I want to thank John Casmon for support and guidance on my marketing efforts., I’ve been able to convert more of my prospects into investors. If you’re thinking about the Capital Impact Club, I know it’s a winner because John has helped me dramatically."

Jerome M.

The right coaches and mentors are indispensable. You need to be able to have someone experienced that can help you run your numbers right, analyze a deal, or just ask for some advice on negotiation. Thanks to our coach - John Casmon for all the morning calls, texts, underwriting, skill development, advice, and almost-deals. John, thanks for everything. Literally could not have done this without you!! Your impact and legacy is etched in our success.

Ralph Germain

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