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The Dos and Don’ts of Raising Capital with Kim Lisa Taylor, Episode 97

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The SEC has set forth clear guidelines of what is acceptable when raising capital for real estate. Nonetheless, some investors have made missteps that have exposed them to harsh punishments. To understand the dos and don’ts of raising capital, we sat down with securities attorney Kim Lisa Taylor. Kim is the founder of Syndication Attorneys whose sole purpose is to help entrepreneurs create sustainable, successful investment companies. On this episode, she clarifies the difference between a JV and a security, what constitutes a pre-existing relationship, and why you need to have a customer relationship marketing (CRM) system.

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Key Market Insights

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Preparation

Tracking Market Changes: Subscription to LexisNexis, Securities Mosaic

Daily Habit: Miracle Morning


10 Things Investors Should Know Before Investing in a Real Estate Syndication

Determining Investor Suitability

CRM Systems: Insightly, Hubspot, Podio, Salesforce

Best Business Books:

Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

How to Create an Effective To Do List by Damon Zahariades

Digital Resources

Asana for Project Management

Tweet This:

“Operators must have a method of determining whether an investor is suitable to be in an offering”

“There are predators who will take your deal and can push you out”

“With a private offering, you cannot blast deals on social media”

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San Augustine – Salt Life

Connect with Kim Lisa Taylor:

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