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How to be an Ultra Conservative Passive Investor with Jeremy Roll, Episode 91

Jeremy Roll is a full-time passive cash flow investor. What does that mean? Well, he spends his time vetting operators, studying economic trends, and seeking passive deals. Jeremy is admittedly an ultra-conservative passive investor. Today, he shares his approach to being ultra-conservative and what he seeks in passive investing opportunities across different asset classes.

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Key Market Insights

  • Was seeking predictability for long-term retirement account

  • Left the corporate world from Disney, Toyota and GM after 10 years

  • Full-time ultra conservative passive cash flow investor

  • Biggest challenge is finding opportunities and all of the opportunities come from networking – use or

  • If accredited, you can go on crowdfunding websites to find investment opportunities

  • Review the legal documents and ensure they are fair terms

  • Spend a lot of time to get to know the operator, do background checks

  • Find someone who will under promise and overdeliver on those assumptions

  • Avoid someone using aggressive assumptions in their underwriting

  • Invest in most asset classes across the country

  • When investing in senior living facilities, you want a location that will have demand for retirees – if seeking private pay, you need robust incomes

  • For mobile home parks, seeking people looking for affordable housing and nearby jobs

  • Good to be in a market that has seen an increase in population and economy over the last 5 years and the next 5 years

  • If targeting Class A properties, you need to determine supply in the market

  • Avoid where people can’t afford Class A or trade down to Class B

  • Class C, want to pay attention to the stock of Class B and understand the stock

  • Watch out for structural obsolescence like lower ceilings

  • Likes Class B as it’s nicer than Class C and you can get people to trade down from Class A

  • Self-driving cars and robots – how will this impact employment in your area

  • Avoids markets with population decline, single employers, low income / public pay,

  • Will happily invest in self-storage facilities in Florida as there are not much damage with no windows

  • Earthquake insurance is so expensive in California that most people don’t bother to get it

  • Seeks deals that are 10% below true market value

  • Investing in ATM machines and mobile home park portfolio

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Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Networking

Tracking Market Changes: Starts with a new analysis, begins with Wikipedia and Census data

Daily Habit: Prepares for each day, the day before


Best Business Books:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

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“What’s more important than the property or opportunity? The operator.”

“Don’t invest until you understand how to review it properly.”


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