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How to Manage Out of State Properties with Sep Bekam, Episode 65

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Sep Bekam had a plan to be set for life. Study for 20 years, get a job and earn money. But after learning the sad truth that money devalues over time through inflation, he knew he had to change course. He added an investment property on the side while working as an electrical engineer. Like any novice, he learned valuable lessons from his leap. Instead of welcoming checks on his first properties, he got eviction after eviction. He learned valuable lessons that have helped him manage out of market investments.

Sep had already left corporate America at the age of 31 and has been set for a more thrilling life in real estate. On this episode, he shares helpful insights on vetting property management companies and contractors, choosing the right market, and improving challenged neighborhoods.

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Key Market Insights:

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Schedule numbers of meetings with brokers, contractors, and property management companies.

Tracking Market Changes: Checks Google Trends regularly.

Daily Habit: Meditate. Make a vision board. Journal.



Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich by Robery Kiyosaki

Book Recommendation:

The Road to Ruin by James Rickards

Digital Resource:


Scanner Pro

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“We don’t want to make mistakes. But if we can make a mistake, learn from that pitiful place.”

“There are only problem owners.”

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Veggie Grill

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