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Should You Invest in Notes with Jay Tenenbaum, Ep. 580

Jay Tenenbaum has acquired over 1,000 distressed mortgage notes and properties in over 40 states. Jay is the Partner and President of Loss Mitigation and Asset Disposition at Scottsdale Mortgage Investments, formerly Scottsdale REI, a real estate hedge fund, specializing in acquiring assets nationwide.

Jay attributes his success and expertise to his ability to effectively integrate his 20 years of experience as a former debt collection professional. Jay’s legal know-how and achievement in resolution in turning non-performing assets into positive cash flow gives him an unmatched perspective in the field, as he is often sought-after for his proficiency.

Jay and his business partner, Seth Gershberg have launched a live Radio show on KSFO that is also podcasted globally. The Real Estate Mastermind Live, is targeted at real estate investors who want to network and learn from expert investors in order to enhance their business opportunity and profitability.

In this episode, we talked to Jay about being a note investor, regulations in different states while investing, four steps for due diligence, his method for evaluating properties, and much more.

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What it means to be a note investor;

02:24 Jay’s background;

05:23 What does it mean to be a note investor;

14:47 What to keep an eye on while investing in different states;

18:45 Four steps for due diligence;

23:21 Property evaluation method;

26:16 The success of Jay’s business

29:14 Advice for note investing;

31:32 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Choosing incompatible business partners previously.

Most Recommended Book: Three Feet From Gold

Daily Habit: Carefully stepping away from his computer at certain intervals and taking a walk.

#1 Insight for investing in notes: Partnering with experienced people in this area, and educating oneself accordingly.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Phoenix, AZ: Dominick’s Steakhouse & Montauk.

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