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Why the Tax Code is an Incentive Plan with Larry Pendleton

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Once again, tax season has returned and this year adds even more complex due to COVID, CARES Act, and other relief efforts. For multifamily investors, apartments offer a tax shelter that allows them to reduce their tax liability. Some see this as a loophole, with President Biden claiming to close certain provisions. Others, like Larry Pendelton, view the tax code as an incentive plan to reward investors, developers, and others that provide quality housing for the public.


Larry is a real estate investor and CPA with a passion for adding value to fellow investors through tax consulting and accounting services. He is the co-founder of PC Financial Services and the Director of Finance for Rize Equity Holdings. As an investor and CPA, Larry understands the tax advantages of investing in apartments.


Larry shares how the tax code is an incentive plan and why it’s important to find a CPA that shares this view and is willing to help you take advantage of the code, not just make your filing easy. We discuss implications from the CARES Act, how paper losses work for your benefit, and policy discussions that could have a future impact.


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How to Leverage the Tax Code for Apartment Investing

Think of CPAs and Accountants like doctors, they are in the same field (financial) but specialize in different areas

Part of the tax-cutting jobs act was the bonus depreciation of going from 50% to 100% for any asset that depreciates less than 20 years.

The tax tail should not be wagging the investment dog.


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