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What Matters as a Multifamily Investor with Omar Khan

Multifamily real estate podcast

Omar is a CFA charterholder with 10 years of investing across real estate and commodities.

He advised on $3.7 billion of capital financing and M&A transactions and syndicated large multi-million dollar deals across the US. He has advised high net-worth advisors and entrepreneurs on real estate portfolio allocations. We talked to Omar about the strategies he followed for his accelerated growth, what to look for when investing in a market, the Atlanta market and his take on coaching.


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[00:01 – 04:08] Opening Segment

  • Omar talks about his background.

  • He talks about what he did before moving to the US.

  • He talks about a major tax problem he had and how he overcame it.

[04:08 – 13:48] Atlanta Market

  • Omar breaks down what real estate means.

  • The importance of giving time to build your own business.

  • He talks about the Georgia Market.

  • Why he chose to invest in Atlanta.

  • Why you should look at the long term trajectory when investing in a market.

  • The things that make the Atlanta market great.

[13:48 – 25:07] Lessons Learned

  • What Omar has learned from his first deal to now.

  • Omar explains why some people call his ideas controversial.

  • Omar’s take on coaching.

  • He talks about how he keeps accelerating his growth.

  • Why you should put in the reps to get better deals.

  • The importance of having the right fundamentals to start.

  • Omar talks about his values.

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[25:07 – 31:07] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure:

Getting rejected by multiple girls.

Digital Resource:


Most Recommended Book:

Who Not How

Daily Habit:

Sticking to his calendar.

#1 Insight for Investing:

Stop looking at the deal and start analyzing the quality and the character of the person, whoever you are investing with.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Dallas:

Texas Barbeque

Contact Omar:

To connect with Omar go to his website.

Tweetable Quotes:

“To me, real estate has always been a means to an end but not the end.” – Omar Khan

“Take care of the downside and the upside will take care of itself.” – Omar Khan

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