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Partner with Your Competition with Chris Pomerleau and Collin Schwartz

Unlike single-family investing, multifamily is a team sport, and developing successful partnerships is a proven way to scale a portfolio. There are so many skills involved from finding deals, analyzing deals, making offers, managing renovations, and property management. It’s critical to build a great team and that starts with an ideal partner. But how do you find a great partner? There are various ways to find the perfect alliance, but an interesting approach is to partner with your competition. This is exactly what Chris Pomerleau and Collin Schwartz did.


After Chris and Collin found themselves competing on the same properties, they decided to sit down and see if joining the same team would create a winning partnership. Together, they launched Park Ave Capital which invests in multifamily properties in the heartland of America. Their focus markets include Omaha, Tulsa, Sioux Falls, and Kansas City.


Chris has a background in law and served in the military. Collin created his own property management company after getting his start in retail. Together, they bring a complementary set of skills to find, renovate, and manage properties. They have a portfolio with over 700 units under management and continue to grow.


In this episode, we discuss best practices for forming and running a partnership, insights on the Omaha market and what makes it unique, the challenges of building a winning culture as a property management firm, and comparing the pros and cons of running an in-house PM company to utilizing a third party property manager.


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Partner: 1 Question Marketing Survey for New Event


Key Insights on Partnering with Your Competition

It’s important to just figure out who is doing what

Take care of your residents, employees, and contractors


Partner: Download our Sample Deal Package


Bullseye Tips:


Apparent Failure:

Using the agent’s pro forma to analyze a property and not including enough reserves


Digital Resource:

Syndication Pro


Most Recommended Book:

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy


Daily Habit:

Waking up early, journaling, writing down goals


Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

Don’t do everything yourself and think bigger


Best Place to Grab a Bite:

Block 16



Contact Chris and Collin:

LinkedIn for Chris and Collin

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