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Most Downloaded Episodes of 2021

In 2021, we released over 100 episodes of Multifamily Insights (formerly Target Market Insights: Multifamily + Marketing). We’ve had a wide range of guests sharing their best insights on multifamily, marketing, branding, and mindset. While there are helpful insights in each episode, some proved more popular than others.

Here are the 7 most downloaded shows of 2021.

1. Creating Green, Sustainable, and Affordable Housing with Matt Ryan, Ep. 294

Matt Ryan of re-viv shares their approach for creating a more equitable and sustainable affordable housing solution.


2. Why Value-Add Deals Have Lost Their Value with Spencer Gray, Ep. 262

Spencer Gray of Gray Capital talks about value-add deals and why they have lost some of their luster. We discuss how he’s revised his approach accordingly to still find deals today.


3. Buying Companies and Real Estate with Joseph and Jasmine Mims, Ep. 317

Jasmine and Joseph Mims are entrepreneurs who acquire and build businesses in addition to real estate. We discuss how they approach buying a business and the differences between real estate.


4. Creative Deal Structures with Edna Keep, Ep. 307

When you have limited resources, you need to be creative to make real estate deals work. Edna Keep shared how she leverages unique deal structures and lease options to grow a real estate portfolio. 


5. How Losing his $300,000 Job Sprung Him into Freedom with Jonathan Twombly, Ep. 266

The golden handcuffs restrain many would-be investors from the lifestyle they envision. Jonathan Twombly had his shackles shattered when he lost his high-paying job. He shares how he went on to build an apartment portfolio that provided financial freedom.

6. $175 Million in Apartments in 2 Years with Zach Haptonstall, Ep. 326

Setbacks and challenges are common for most investors. This did not stop Zach Haptonstall from overcoming these challenges and scaling at a neck-breaking pace. We talk about how he acquired over $175 million worth of apartments in just two years in the sizzling Phoneix market.

7. How a Newbie Raised $6 Million in 30 Days with Josh Ferrari, Ep. 276

While TikTok challenges may be all the rage, it was a 30-Day Challenge that helped Josh Ferrar explode his apartment investing. In just 30 days, he raised over $6 million as a new investor. He shares insights on his experience and lessons learned.

These are just a handful of our most popular episodes. Whether you are a new investor or an experienced operator, we interview a variety of investors with a range of insights to help you achieve your 2022 goals. Be sure to subscribe to Multifamily Insights so you don’t miss a future episode.

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