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Leveraging in The Industrial Space with Neil Wahlgren

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Today’s guest is Neil Wahlgren, the Chief Operating Officer of MAG Capital Partners. Neil brings nearly two decades of leadership in operations and capital markets. Prior to MAG Capital Partners, he led a Bay Area real estate investment firm, raising capital for over $200MM in projects.


Before entering the real estate world, he was a pilot for C-130 in both the Air Force and the Navy, logging over 2,500 flight hours with combat tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Let’s dig in to learn more about his inspiring journey, the net lease industrial space, and what it takes to be a good real estate operator.



[00:01 – 10:20] Opening Segment

[10:21 – 18:30] The People-First Mindset

[18:31 – 31:30] Leveraging in The Industrial Space

[31:31 – 42:22] The Bullseye Round

Tweetable Quotes:

“Having that alignment is more important than any sort of nuance piece of what the preference is or what their projections are.” – Neil Wahlgren.

“Do not think about it, just do it. ” – Neil Wahlgren.

“At the end of the day, your track record, communication, and having your interest align with the sponsors are much better foundations for a successful investment, especially for a long-term investment of real estate.” – Neil Wahlgren.

You can connect with Neil on Linkedin; you can also send him an email to

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