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Improve Your Lead Funnel and Deal Flow with Axel Ragnarsson

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Today’s guest is Axel Ragnarsson. He is the founder of Brickleaf Properties, a real estate investment firm that currently owns and manages approximately $7.2M in real estate. They have flipped numerous homes, and they have been a principal party in 18 million dollars worth of transactions.

Let’s listen to Axel to learn more about strategies and tactics to build up a lead funnel and consistent deal flow.


Listen Here:


[00:01 – 08:01] Opening Segment

[08:02 – 19:14] Strategies and tactics to build up a lead funnel and deal flow

[19:15 – 26:30] Building a Personal Portfolio

[26:31 – 31:57] The BullsEye Round

Tweetable Quotes:

“If you want to build a portfolio quickly, you got to flip some deals.” – Axel Ragnarsson

“Work with people who have a business or something to lose.” – Axel Ragnarsson

“Consistency is going to cure everything. If you do something long enough in a consistent base, you will see the result.” – Axel Ragnarsson

You can connect with Axel on Linkedin, Instagram or shoot him an email to You can also check out his Podcast Show “The Multifamily Wealth Podcast”.

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