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How to Increase Your Apartment NOI through Additional Services with Todd Thorpe

Value-add strategies are popular for apartment investing. Adding value to apartments usually consists of renovating interior units. However, these upgrades are not the only way to add value for multifamily. Since value is determined by the net operating income or NOI, anything that increases the NOI is adding value.


Besides rental income, you can generate other income from fees, amenities, and services such as application fees, laundry income, party room rentals. Todd Thorpe runs MDU Consulting and specializes in helping apartment owners generate more revenue through telecommunication services such as cable and internet.


Cable and internet services are just one way to increase the NOI for multifamily apartments. Owners should consider utility reimbursement, laundry income, administration fees, pet fees, technology packages, valet trash, and other amenities that cater to the demographic of the apartment community. When looking specifically at telecom, owners need to understand how to package these essential resident services to bolster their bottom line.


We spoke to Todd about how owners can work with cable and internet providers to drive revenue and increase the apartment NOI. He shares tips and insights to understand which apartments qualify, negotiating an agreement, the fee compensation model, and other value-add strategies.


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Key Insights to Increase Your Apartment NOI

Focus on the security of the contract and generating ancillary revenue.

Providers will pay more for bulk agreements because they are getting guaranteed revenue.

When dealing with different providers, organize your portfolio to get ahead of contract renewals.


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