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How to Find Tenants Through Digital Marketing with Allie Langohr

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For multifamily investors and property managers, finding tenants is a vital component of success. Whether you are simply turning a unit, repositioning a property, or leasing up a new asset, you want to get top rents from a quality resident. COVID has reduced or eliminated foot traffic and in-person showings, forcing many apartment owners to give concessions. Given these challenges, it is more important than ever to develop a brand and digital footprint to engage potential renters before they ever step foot on your property.


“When we talk about a brand, we’re not talking about the name or color of the property, we are talking about the vibe, the identity of the property,” says Allie Langohr, Director of Digital Ad Services for Rentsync.


Rentsync’s specialty is helping multifamily investors and property managers generate leads through digital marketing. They are keen on optimizing and analyzing content on Internet Listing Services (ILS). In addition, they offer services for branding and naming properties, creating websites to position apartments to stand out with prospects.


Allie has helped apartment owners, property managers with branding, content, and digital marketing services. Allie shares why creating a brand is the most critical tool to stand out with renters, how to use keywords to drive conversion through Google Ads, and analyze the data from your marketing efforts.


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Insights to Find Quality Tenants Using Digital Marketing

When we talk about a brand, we’re not talking about the name or color of the property, we are talking about the vibe, the identity of the property

Identify the things that will distinguish you from the competition, and use that as the heart of your property brand.

The first thing to do as an advertiser is to create keywords based on what you are offering to your future tenants.

Multifamily investors and managers often just look at volume, but we encourage people to look at cost-per-lead, and more importantly, cost-per-lease.


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