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How to Evaluate Investing Partners with Jeff Greenberg, Ep. 540

Jeff Greenberg is the CEO and Managing member of Synergetic Investment Group, LLC (SIG). For over 12 years he has managed all aspects of commercial real estate ownership including acquisitions, investor relations, operations, value add implementation, and dispositions.

Through SIG Wealth Fund, a diversified and customizable Equity Fund, SIG provides the opportunity for high net worth individuals to passively invest in Commercial Real Estate with best in class Commercial Deal Syndicators. Jeff uses his extensive experience and network to help investors to discover and invest in high quality alternative investments Jeff has been involved in projects worth nearly $150 million consisting of over 2000 units. He has been involved with stabilized and value add properties including Student Housing, as well short term rental, and Market Rate MF properties.

In this episode we talked to Jeff about how to qualify strategic partners and their importance, why you should invest in a private equity fund, what’s a customizable fund and how it helps you to choose between cash flow and appreciation and much more.


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Customizable Funds;

00:00 Jeff’s background;

04:00 Investing in people & Giving up the control;

08:32 Qualifying strategic partners;

11:18 What’s a private equity fund and why you should invest in it;

14:51 Why people invest in customizable funds;

16:41 Being hands on to passive investing;

18:05 Cash flow vs. Appreciation;

19:45 Advice for those just starting out;

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22:25 Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: His first deal.

Digital Resource: ActiveCampaign

Most Recommended Book: The Hands-Off Investor

Daily Habit: Making a priority list for the next day before he goes to bed.

#1 Insight for Raising Capital in a Fund: Help people and answer questions.

Best Place to Grab a Bite to California: Home cooked meals

Contact Jeff:

To learn more go to You can find Jeff on LinkedIn.

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