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How She Became a Full-Time Multifamily Investor with His Help with Daisy Serrano and Luc D’Abreau

Today’s guests are Luc D’Abreau and Daisy Serrano. This husband and wife team serve as Managing Partner for Make It Rain Capital, a private equity multifamily investment firm focused on acquiring apartment properties.

They now live in Austin, Texas, and are limited partners in 445 units in Central Texas.




[00:01 – 03:44] Opening Segment

[03:44 – 12:56] Transitioning to Real Estate Investments

[12:56 – 28:16] San Antonio and Austin Real Estate Markets


[28:16 – 37:51] The Bullseye Round


Tweetable Quotes:

“As a partnership, something that we hold dear and sacred in our relationship is fulfilling what we said we were going to do for each other” – Daisy Serrano.

You’re able to minimize the risk if you have more information around the decision you’re trying to make” – Luc’ Abreau

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