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Become a Credible Buyer and Stand out to Brokers with Alex Olson

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Today’s guest is Alex Olson, a real estate agent based in Kansas City, Missouri. He helps all sorts of buyers, especially those with 1031 exchanges. Alex and his colleague Logan Freeman have taken real estate brokers to the next level, developed a proven system to help their clients to identify cash-flowing deals, develop a trusted team, and ensure that a 1031 exchange is secure.

Let’s dig in to learn more about buyers representation especially in the 1031 exchange, establish credibility to brokers and the market growth in Kansas City,



[00:01 – 07:19] Opening Segment

[07:20 – 14:19] Become a Credible Buyer and Stand out to The Brokers


[14:20 – 30:09] The Market Growth in Kansas City

[30:10 – 36:10] The Bull’s eye round

Tweetable Quotes:

“Having somebody in your market that knows the market and filling out all of the aspects is important .” – Alex Olson.

“Do you know anything about the market, or are you pretending to know anything about the market? ” – Alex Olson.

“As soon as your deal is close and property sold is closed, you need to immediately start to identify properties that are going to be close enough to fix your exchange deadline.” – Alex Olson.

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