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Turn Your Life Around through Multifamily with Agostino Pintus, Episode 148

Multifamily Investing

Agostino Pintus was a C-Level Executive in the IT field in his late 20s, but in his early 30s, he received a box for his efforts to pack his belongings. What followed was a 10-year downward spiral until he realized the only thing keeping him afloat was his real estate portfolio. At that point, he decided to go all in on multifamily. Over the last 20 months, he has acquired $40 million worth of multifamily in the Cleveland area as a general partner.

In today’s episode, he shares what led to the downward spiral and how he recovered, why passive income is key for working professionals, and how he manages multifamily assets.

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Key Insights

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Bull’s Eye Tips:


Text “Freedom” to 202-410-4202 for a free ebook on working with brokers

Apparent Failure:

Forced him to sell everything to get into multifamily

Most Recommended Book:

10x Rule by Grant Cardone

On the Shortness of Life by Seneca

Most Recommended Digital/Mobile Resource:


Daily Habit:

Going to the gym every morning

Wish I Knew Starting Out:

Only started real estate out of fear of losing his job, wish he had a better mindset

Wish I Knew 12 Months Ago:

How big he could expand with social media

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Cleveland:

Cleveland Vegan

Connect with Agostino:


FB/IG/LinkedIn: @BulletProofCashflow

Text “Freedom” to 202-410-4202 for a free ebook on working with brokers

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