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Investing While Living Abroad with Matthew Baltzell, Episode 132

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While currently living in Thailand, Matthew Baltzell works as an analyst for Boardwalk Wealth. He also hosts the Real Estate Journeys podcast where he focuses on helping investors acquire 100 units to become location independent.

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Key Insights

Bull’s Eye Tips:

How has a failure or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

Went belly up managing 10 SFRs for his mother

Most Recommended Book:

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Most Recommended Digital/Mobile Resource:


Daily Habit

Going to the gym

Wish I Knew Starting Out

To not be afraid of thinking big

Real World Advice

You are your greatest asset. Don’t let someone else’s perception of you become your perception of you.

Current Curiosity

Being a parent, technology and global economics

Best Place to Grab a Bite

Thailand Restaurants Don’t Really Have Names


Real Estate Journeys

Tweet This:

“If I can start from thousands of miles around the world in Thailand, you can start today.”

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