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How to Find the Perfect Real Estate Investor with Annie Dickerson, Episode 111

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Annie Dickerson is the co-founder of Goodegg Investments. She and her partner have co-syndicated over $400 million worth of real estate. Annie focuses mostly on the marketing and content. On this episode, she shares how she got started, tips for a successful partnership, how to find the perfect investor and how to use storytelling to create compelling content.

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Key Market Insights

Partner: Check out the Passive Income through Multifamily Real Estate podcast with Kyle and Lalita Mitchell

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Create a strong story and connect the investment with the investor

Tracking Market Changes: Find the chamber of commerce for all markets on FB and follow

Daily Habit: Used to have sticky notes all over, now she schedules to-do tasks


Investing for Good by Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam

Best Business Books:

Building Your StoryBrand by Donald Miller

Digital Resources

Active Campaign


Tweet This:

“Marketing is a combination of psychology and design”

“The blank screen with the cursor blinking is intimidating to everyone”

“You are not the hero, you are the guide”

Places to Grab a Bite in Oakland:

Bay Grape (Wine Store)

Connect with Annie:

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