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Joe Fairless: Best Ever Secrets to Brand Building

Joe Fairless is a full-time real estate investor who controls over half a billion dollars worth of real estate in the markets of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida. He is the co-founder of Ashcroft Capital and has raised tens of millions of dollars for multifamily apartments. Many of his investors have been attracted to him through the powerful brand he has built and his top-rated podcast, the Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show.


Prior to becoming a full-time multifamily investor, Joe was the youngest Vice President at an Advertising Agency in New York. Fairless leveraged his knowledge of marketing to build one of the strongest brands in multifamily investing. The “Best Ever” platform includes the world’s longest running daily podcast, a monthly meetup, three books and an annual conference.


As our first two-time guest, Joe joins the show to share his secret tips to help you build a powerful brand. In addition, he shares why he launched the Best Ever podcast, how to find your unique space, and how to stay focused when you are not seeing immediate results from your efforts.

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Joe Fairless’s Best Ever Secrets to Brand Building


Episode 8 with Joe Fairless

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I want to be selectively popular, not generally popular

The key is to make chocolate milkshake as healthy as celery – make what’s healthy for us also delicious

Building a brand requires loving the process – enjoy what you’re doing

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