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Secrets to Find an Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agent with John Warren, Episode 75

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Finding the right real estate agent can be as valuable as finding a good deal. However, many agents seldom know much about the investment space. Hiring the wrong agent can cause investors to miss out on valuable information to determine if a deal is good or bad. But how do you find an investor-friendly agent? John Warren is an investor and realtor for Second City Real Estate, a brokerage that works with investors to buy and sell investment real estate. On this episode, John shares about choosing the right agents and the red flags to regard before sealing the deal. He also shares about the market condition of Chicago and the Western suburbs, managing risks, and a secret to finding a good off-market deal.


Key Market Insights:

Bull’s Eye Round

Winning Your Market: Act quickly.

Tracking Market Changes: Be an active investor.

Daily Habit: Getting up at 4:45 a.m. six times a week.





Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss & Tahl Raz

Digital Resource:

Google Suite

Tweet This:

“You could’ve have thrown a dart in the past and made a good deal.”

“Spreadsheets can mislead you at sometimes.”

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