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Passive Income Investing with Lane Kawaoka, Episode 67

Passive Income Real Estate

Lane Kawaoka was focused on the American Dream, getting his degree, landing a high-paying job and buying a home. However, once he crossed those off of his list, he found himself with an empty house as his job required him to travel often. It was at this point that he decided to become a landlord and earn passive income. He continued to acquire properties, focusing primarily on single-family homes before expanding to mobile home parks and multifamily syndication. On this episode, Lane explains Cashflow Investing vs. Appreciation investing, why he chooses to be a passive investor, what to look for in a market and asset diversification.

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Key Market Insights:

Bull’s Eye Round

Winning Your Market: Find a deal that is undervalued.

Tracking Market Changes: Look and research appealing places to live.

Daily Habit: Work on daily to-do list.


David Allan’s GTD

Digital Resource:

Google Docs

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“Cash flow is like oxygen. It helps you keep alive to fight another day.”

“You have to stick around, last until you get lucky.”

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