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How to Generate Qualified Buyer and Seller Leads with Erik Stark, Episode 50

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Generating quality leads is keen for any marketer, especially for real estate investors seeking motivated sellers or cash buyers. And while many treat it as a volume game, sending out hundreds or even thousands of emails and letters, Erik Stark has devised a unique system that entices qualified sellers and buyers to reach out to him instead. Erik is the co-creator and co-founder of The Drunk Letter and SmartSell Property Selling System. Based in Florida, Erik focuses his investing in the metro Detroit area and joins the show to share his best tips on creating successful lead generation systems.


Key Market Insights

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Work a strategy; stop chasing opportunity

Tracking Market Changes: Watch the data, pay attention to days on market, look for a plateau, focus on cost per square foot

Daily Habit: Work on myself first


Real Estate Why You Drive podcast

3 Overlooked Sources for Private Money

The Drunk Letter

Digital Resources

Go Driving for Dollars App

Tweet This: “People get into real estate for the ability to be free” – @theerikstark

“When borrowing money, offer, never ask”- @theerikstark

“Educate and build relationships with potential sellers”- @theerikstark

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