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From No Experience to AirBnB Rock Star with Walter McCormick, Episode 45

They say no one vacations in Cleveland, but don’t tell that to Walter McCormick. Last year, he began renting his Ohio City home on AirBnB and has attracted travelers from all over the world. Guests love staying at his home due to its location and the superb customer service Walt provides. On this episode, he shares his tips and strategies for cultivating a thriving AirBnB business in the Midwest.

Key Market Insights

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Be passionate about the experience

Tracking Market Changes: Embrace it, check what others are doing

Daily Habit: Thank God, and remain consistent and positive (Be consistent in positivity)

Resources: Ep. 6 Quit Your Job, Rent Your Place and Travel the World with Jasper Ribbers

Ep. 13 Cash Flow in Cleveland with James Wise

Best Business Books:

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Power Broke by Daymond John

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Digital Resources

Home Advisors

Nextdoor App

Stash App


Tweet This: “They say no one vacations in Cleveland, but I’ve had guests from Australia and India” “Local amenities help attract guests”

“There were times when I came home during lunch breaks to turnover the AirBnB rental”

“Ask other AirBnB hosts who they use for cleaning”

Places to Grab a Bite in Ohio City:

Breakfast – Grumpy’s Café, Borderline Café, Lucky’s Cafe

Lunch – Beer Head

Dinner – Soho Chicken and Whisky, Spotted Owl, Heck’s Café, JukeBox

Connect with Walter:

Instagram: @theohiocitygetaway


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