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Investing in Detroit’s Recovery with Brent Maxwell, Episode 42

Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Like the city he calls home, Brent Maxwell was hit hard a decade ago when the economy crashed. And just like his city, his grit, will and determination allowed him to survive and rebuild. Today, Brent is the Managing Director of IPS Realty, where he helps others invest in Detroit’s booming neighborhoods, mainly on the East Side. He constantly monitors Detroit real estate, allowing him to identify the edge of hip areas and ride the wave. On this episode, he shares more about his experience, the city of Detroit and his best tips to find emerging areas.

Key Market Insights

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Buy and Hold

Tracking Market Changes: Check the market everyday

Daily Habit: Check comps daily


Ep. 14: Detroit’s Ruin and Renaissance with Jeremy Burgess

Crain’s Detroit

Best Business Books:

Tools for Titans by Tim Ferris

Digital Resources




Google Drive



Tweet This:

“Bloom where you’re planted”

“For an investor, the difference between $100k house and $80k house is $20k, but for a homeowner it’s $110 per month”

“Real estate moves slowly”

“I can fix a bad house, I can’t fix a bad block”

“Not focused on the hottest areas, looking at the edge of hip and looking to ride the wave”

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Apparatus Room

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