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Innovation in Indianapolis with Sterling White, Episode 15

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As a child, he had other kids selling Kool-Aid for him, so it’s no surprise he became a real estate entrepreneur at a young age. Sterling White began working in construction on commercial projects before purchasing his first single family home at the age of 23 – with no money. Today, he thrives with an innovative model that attracts investors and Millennial renters in the urban cores of Indianapolis and Dayton. He is the co-founder of Holdfolio and holds an $8.8M real estate portfolio. Sterling often shares his knowledge through videos and posts on BiggerPockets and tells us more of those insights on today’s show.

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Key Market Insights

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Persistence and follow up Market Changes: Networking and attending Local Meetups

Daily Habit: Writing and Reading Goals Daily

Resources Best Business Books:

Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson

Digital Resources

Inbox by Google

Sterling’s Apartment Video Update

Tweet This:

“Indy is stable and more landlord-friendly than nearby Chicago”

“Spend a few weeks in a new market you’re evaluating”

“Run numbers based on worse cast scenario and be conservative”

Places to Grab a Bite:

Dayton: Lucky’s Taproom

Indy: Yats

Connect with Sterling:



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