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Capital and Community Investments with JR Foster, Episode 3

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Today’s guest is passionately committed to the betterment and development of Cincinnati, sitting on numerous boards and working with developers, investors, bankers, government officials and corporations. JR Foster is the co-founder of Robert Louis Companies, one of the only minority-owned certified full-service commercial real estate brokerage and capital markets firms in the country. He seamlessly navigates the private, public and non-profit sectors to stay at the forefront of changing neighborhoods and development opportunities. Find out what he sees in his target market and how you can implement his strategies and techniques on this episode of Target Market Insights.

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Key Market Insights:

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“Minorities make up less than 0.0001% of any position in large commercial real estate banking.” – @MrJRFoster

“Look for neighborhoods that have been identified for TIF funding.” – @MrJRFoster

Resources Mentioned:

Redi –

CityLink –

Changing Gears –

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